Second party audit

Inspections against Customer-specific programs

When our associates accomplish inspections up to your own, customer specific requirements they work even closer together with you. We define the inspection procedures together with you. You name the individual product specifications that you wish to be inspected and certified.

On this basis the SGS-TÜV Saar develops quality control plans up to our neutral basic principles, the engineering rules as well as the long lasting experiences of our associates. After the successful inspection we award a product inspection certification that includes information on the inspected product specifications.

For the inspection we do need for example:

  • a test sample (the quantity depends on the inspection scope)
  • the service manual
  • detailed design drawings
  • circuit diagrams
  • component certificates of safety elements
  • depending on the product further documentation will be requested

When putting together the documents we’ll also be happy to assist you.


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