Safety, quality and reliability are the fundamental principles of the aerospace industry. If anything goes wrong with a product or service it can have serious consequences and severely damage reputation and sales. Customers in the aerospace industry want to be reassured that their business partners will continue to meet their needs for sustainable quality throughout the entire supply chain.

Reach your targets while working together with the strongest partner in the field of quality control and quality management.
The world’s largest testing services provider: SGS. And with regard to Safety in Electronics: SGS-TÜV Saar.

We offer the following services in the field of Electronics covering Processes, Systems, Hardware and Software:

  • Inhouse-Training of Functional Safety
  • Quality Assurance for integrated circuits in Aerospace applications
    • Scientific assurance of the entire supply chain (OEM / Tier 1 / Tier 2)
    • Supplier Audits for Fabs / Design / Design-for-Test (DFT)
    • Damage Analysis
    • Functional Safety
    • Analysis of circuit design / layout (PCB)
    • Out-sourcing and consulting for Aerospace-Qualification
      - Gap-Analysis
      - MIL STD 883
      - AEC Q-100 /-200
      - HALT
      - HASS
  • Consulting Aerospace-Electronics
    • Optimisation of power consumption in semiconductors and control units
    • Cost reduction through introduction of appropriate automotive components
    • Size and Weight reduction of components  (COB, SOC, TSV, Embedded, MCM)
    • Packaging and casting compound materials
    • System Safety (DO-254, ARP 4761)
    • Software (DO-178B/C)
    • Testing methodologies


The whole range of services by SGS SGS Group (please click on the picture for enlarged display and additional information):




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