BImSchG Services

For systems subject to authorization

  • we develop measuring- and quality control plans and finalize these with the surveillance authorities
  • we measure all air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, dust, heavy metals, PAHs, PCB, PCDD, PCDF, BTX VOC and more
  • we create the emission declarations
  • we generate the immission forecasts
  • we determine chimney heights after “TA Luft” and VDI 3781

In the context of functional tests and calibrations, especially for large combustion plants at waste incineration facilities or for equivalent equipment in terms of the TA Luft

  • we test the function of all emission measurement devices after DIN EN 14181 and VDI 3950
  • we calibrate these devices
  • we validate your emission value calculators in the compulsory annually frequency

In case your plant emits odours

  • we measure the emissions after DIN EN 13752
  • verify the efficiency of emission control systems
  • determine with grid- and rim site inspections odour emissions after VDI 3940
  • develop forecasts of odour emissions for the approval procedure

For acoustic expertise of business and industrial companies or road transport infrastructure

  • we measure and evaluate the noise emissions and -immissions
  • we compile expertise for the development plans
  • we survey projects from an acoustics point of view
  • we set up noise registries and sound immission plans
  • we measure and evaluate the noise- and vibration immissions in the working environment
  • we develop measures in order to reduce the noise load in working environments
  • we measure and evaluate the effects of agitations after DIN 4150

For noise protection our architectural acoustics team measures

  • the air- and footfall sound insulation after DIN EN ISO 140
  • noise of water installation equipment after DIN EN ISO 10052
  • sound of household appliances