The projects: Many years of experience in a wide variety of areas

Heavy Fabrication Division of Dillinger Huette

Classical TÜV-surveillance of manufacture and inspection of welded shells and formed heads for pressure vessels and steam boilers; edge preparation of plates by machining, formed segments, piles etc.

Bridges and hydraulic engineering projects

We have an extensive list of reference projects (e.g. Oeresundbridge, Waterway Cross Magdeburg, Thyratalbridge, Seidewitztalbridge, Viaduct Cabiperca, Stralsund-Ziegelgrabenbridge, Imarsundetbridge, Oeksfjordbridge etc.)

Offshore Projects

We have an extensive list of international offshore reference projects(e.g. ACG-Field, Kizomba, Clair, Buzzard Field, Sakhalin, Sisi Nubi, Arthit, Benguela Belize, Kashagan, Greater Plutonio etc.)

Linepipe projects

e.g. South Pars, IGAT, Khorasan, Bozorg, Sakhalin etc.

Water power projects

e.g. Cleuson-Dixence, Goldisthal, Itaipu, Nestil, Siah Bishe, Laxiwa etc.

Windmill projects

e.g. Horns Rev, Samsoe, North Hoyle, Kentish Flat, Burbo, Q 7 etc.