Your advantages: If you need a partner with competence and flexibility to perform your verifications and inspections you should choose the experts from SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH because they can offer you the best service for your money.

Competent: Miscellaneous approvals

We are internationally recognized as inspecting authority e.g. according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive (CE 0034), Indian Boiler Regulations etc.

Qualified: On the job trained and qualified staff

We offer you our interdisciplinary know-how which is essential for a real Third-Party Inspection.

Specialized in the product "plate"

We are experienced in the different applications of plate (pressure vessels, steam boilers, bridge buildings, offshore constructions, linepipes, windmills etc.) and know the specific requirements.

Present: Daily full-time availability

Verification and inspection steps are organized in the best way without any delay because our inspectors do not need an extra invitation or travel time. For that reason we are always available for our clients on-site to act as extended arm.

Comprehensive: Clearly structured documentation

You get a summary of all the tests on a 3.1A / C / 3.2-certificate (CEOC form) which is internationally accepted.

Be good value

Because of our continuous inspections on site non-productive time (e.g. travel or waiting time) can be disregarded. So our clients get the best price-performance ratio.