Compliance & values

Of course we are going to obey all laws, norms and standards. Our responsibility for the society, the company and the cooperation with our partners as well as among our associates goes even further though.

Together with our associates we have developed a role model. It describes the strategic goals and our way to achieve these. Being the SGS-Group Germany to which we also count the SGS-TÜV Saar as an integral element, we want to become the leading service business in Germany. To achieve this goal we reach top performance in each of our business fields. We create lasting improvement in our customer’s success and therefore we rely on continuous improvements, our high qualification, most up-to-date technology, innovative processes and a worldwide network.

Everyone of us in the company has committed himself to the “Code of Integrity”. Our cooperation is based on respect and fairness, trust and transparency. We admit to our economical and social responsibility and create constant value for the customers. We apply resources responsibly and efficiently and get involved with the community in that we live in.

We are judged by our own performance regarding this approach and these visions. We are now and we are going to stay traditional and innovative.