Pressure equipment / systems engineering - services

What you want to avoid in the final inspection is an unpleasant surprise. We are happy to assist you in the process by surveying each step in production and thoroughly checking anything starting from basic material up to the final product. We stand for adherence to schedules and take care that you may provide your customers with the assured quality within the stipulated time.

In the first place our services include the inspection of pressure equipment of any kind such as autoclaves, pressure tanks and pipeline systems. We develop the order specifications, accompany the product in the licensing processes and check it before initial operation. In the case of periodical tests, SGS-TÜV Saar is a Zugelassene Überwachungsstelle (Notified Body) (ZÜS), moreover, we are also accredited as experts in the event of damage.

Already in the production process for pressure equipment we can create value for you: By thoroughly checking materials like panel sheets, forge work or tubes at an early stage we eliminate possible sources of error. The same goes for welding: SGS-TÜV Saar certifies working processes and staff.

You may use our complete expert knowledge starting from project planning up to the bringing into service of your equipment. We monitor the construction and the assembly at a large power plant or a small installation. During any phase we are available as experts, provide support in the licensing process and ensure with help of accompanying measurements at time of acceptance tests that you equipment really supplies the stipulated service. Services that do count for you.

SGS-TÜV Saar has experts available who may test and examine anything that concerns the mandatory requirements of the Water Resources Act. This covers the initial and repeat test of equipment for storage, filling and handling, and equipment for manufacturing, processing and using, as well as the suitability assessment, the acceptance and supervision of certified specialists according to the WHG (Water Resources Act), up to the point of a final shutdown checkup.

We go even further: If you have requirements concerning your products that depend on the company we do set these as a primary source for our testings.