Electro & building security - services

At new buildings you do benefit from the SGS-TÜV Saar quality control during construction periods. We analyze steel construction statistics and control systems, industrial and steel flues, furnish investigations of damages for you and in completion of your order we take care of a handicapped accessible and barrier-free building construction.

At existing buildings we analyze the utility, we observe hall roofs, portable buildings and we also look after the certainty that playgrounds, water slides, diving platforms and climbing-walls conform to all safety-related requirements.

The specialists of the SGS-TÜV Saar are at your disposal acting as occupational health and safety officers as well as coordinators for the safety- and health protection. They control the strict conditions for medical appliances and X-ray equipment, so that you are also always supported in matters of these delicate topics.

We include all national and international rules and directives in our inspections (like the directives for machinery, low potential voltage, screen handling or explosion protection), analyze also up to your individual specifications and in doing so align ourselves in the best possible way to your course of operations.