Module K 8

Legal requirements concerning ISO 26262


The new standard ISO 26262 gives engineers of the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers a guideline for the design of systems regarding functional safety. They need to redefine their collaboration. But what about the embedding of this standard in the world of legal requirements? Will there be more certainty or will the legal responsibility increase? Is compliance with their requirements sufficiently for maintaining the latest state of science and technology? What’s with legal requirements and responsibilities and liability? What responsibility has the individual employee and what legal issues does he need to observe? Which requirements arise for the form of contract? The DIA will be the most important contractual instrument. How will the independence of safety assessments and audits be ensured? These and many other questions will be discussed – in a unique way, building a bridge between technology and law - in a combination of an experienced product liability lawyer with a Functional Safety experts to the zero hour - member of the standardization body for ISO 26262.

  • legal basis of product and producer’s liability
  • design and manufacturing defects
  • error information and market monitoring obligations
  • state of science and technology
  • interaction of legal and normative requirements for the development of safety electronics
  • legal aspects of ISO 26262
  • responsibilities OEM - supplier / DIA
  • form of contracts - requirements from ISO 26262
  • rights and duties of safety managers
  • security through compliance with requirements
  • possible reasons for deviating from ISO 26262
  • dealing with Safety elements out of context (See OC)
  • independence in the security life cycle
  • ISO 26262 and ISO/TS 16949:2009
1 day
Target Group
Directors, Jurists, Safety Manager, Quality Manager
700 Euro (plus VAT)
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Module K 8:

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