Safety for ArtificiaI Intelligence

The effective introduction and implementation of highly automated driving (HAD) represents a formidable challenge for developers.The use of artificial intelligence (AI) provides solutions that meet these challenges. Besides  the performance requirements of the functions to be implemented, the requirements of functional safety are also decisive. However, it turns out that the mere implementation of the basic standard ISO 26262 is not sufficient and new or additional ways in the implementation of artificial intelligence must be explored. Our brand new training module will first introduce you to the basics of artificial intelligence and then shows solutions, as how the already established basic standard ISO 26262 can be supplemented with the extended general conditions of artificial intelligence.

Focus of the training

  • Introduction to the topic of artificial intelligence in the field of highly automated driving (HAD) as a supplement to the basic standard ISO 26262.
  • Personnel Certification - AISP (Artificial Intelligence Safety Professional) Final Examination

Target group

All persons who have already dealt with Functional Safety according to ISO 26262 and are looking for solutions on how the topic of artificial intelligence can be implemented in Functional Safety.

Detailed agenda for the training

Day 1: Overview and basics

  • Introduction and basics AI
  • AI in the car
  • Overview of the current standards
  • AI standards in the future (i.e. ISO/IEC AWI TR5469, ISO TS 5083, ISO PAS 8800)


Day 2: Processes and framework conditions

  • ISO 26262 process requirements
  • Additional requirements for AI
  • Framework according to ISO/IEC FDIS 23053:2022
  • Tools for AI development
  • Certification options

Duration: 2 DAYS