Module AMP1

Assessment of Mechanical / Mechatronic Systems in the context of Functional Safety


Chemical plants, power plants and other large-scale industrial plants and systems pose a high hazard potential. Protection concepts are developed in order to operate these plants safely and these are essentially realized with process control technology safety devices.

For the logic devices realized primarily with electronic systems, comprehensive standards for functional safety have been established (e.g. IEC 61508, ISO 13849, etc.) in recent years.

In many cases, however, actuators consist of mechanical, mechatronic, pneumatic or hydraulic components or combinations of these elements. In the past, many attempts have been made to transfer the methods and procedures of Functional Safety for electric/electronic components to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components too.

This trend frequently triggered a discussion among operators, manufacturers, testing institutes and certification bodies, which has not yet been concluded.

This seminar is to give an answer to questions related to the assessment of mechanical / mechatronic components in terms of Functional Safety. The participants become familiar with the required analytical “tools” and the practical application and can apply these in practical examples.


  • Overview: Mechanical/mechatronic components and subsystems in safety circuits
  • Reliability and safety of mechanical/mechatronic components
  • Applicable standards and data collection
  • Analytical procedures for measuring safety-related parameters
  • Good Engineering Practice and state of the art in the design of mechanical/mechatronic components and subsystems for safety applications (overview)
  • Imparting theoretical contexts based on numerous practical examples in plant and process technology, machinery and automotive fields


1 day


Please request.

Upon request, in Munich

Target Group

Project manager(s), system administrators, system engineers, designers, developers

Course Fee

700 euros (plus VAT)

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