Functional Safety Automotive

ISO 26262 is the automotive application standard for Functional Safety and considered as part of the state-of-the-art with respect to standardization for this industry. This relatively new standard (2nd edition) leads, due to the requirements exerted by it, to changes in the development process of automotive electronics. The outcomes of this are innovations in the entire product lifecycle.

As an accredited body for Functional Safety, with our Global Functional Safety experts network and Global Competence Center SGS-TÜV Saar in Germany, we offer you a full range of services relating to ISO 26262, bringing in all our wide application based experiences covering industry driving innovations like e.g. automated driving.

We are not only consulting supplier for requirements of the established standards, but we also provide court-proof certificates with regards to product safety covering multiple application domains e.g. for electric mobility or Cyber Security.

In the area of autonomous driving, we are active as well in research projects as well in customer projects (e.g. Assessments Functional Safety Autonomous Driving Level 3 for mass-production vehicles).

Co-design of actual and future standards concerning the state-of-the-art is essential for us. Among other things regarding to ISO 26262 we are active in the corresponding international and the German standardization committee (TC22/SC3/WG16).

Of course, we also possess in-depth expertise in the field of Electric Mobility – the networked consideration of Functional, Electrical and Chemical Safety is a standard approach we use in this field.

Furthermore, as accredited body for Cyber Security, we can deliver you all relevant for Safety & Security out of one hand, e.g. ISO 26262 + Training or Certification according to ISO SAE 21434 (Automotive Cyber Security).