Electric Mobility

High-voltage systems, traction batteries and battery management systems are some examples of technologies not used in the automotive sector so far. The integration of these systems into hybrid electric and full electric vehicles makes completely new demands on the functional areas involved in the development throughout a product’s lifecycle, on the part of OEMs as well as on the part of suppliers.

Functional Safety is necessary to achieve a sufficient level of product and user safety. Due to the growing complexity of highly networked vehicle systems the risk of hazardous malfunctions increases as well. To assure both product and personal safety, an integral approach to safety should be selected.  

We offer you the following relevant services:

Our expert know-how encompasses the fields of Functional, Electrical, Chemical and Mechanical Safety. The expertise of our staff is based on numerous projects in the area of hybrid electric and full electric vehicles carried out in conjunction with renowned partners, and on years of experience in vehicle development.

The emerging standards landscape requires interpretation in terms of application and selection. In this context you will profit from the specialised knowledge of our experts and our involvement in the development of standards.

Homologation and testing, from components all the way to whole vehicles, complement our extensive range of services.

You’ll profit from one-stop services. We’ll be pleased to provide you with consultancy support.

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