Chemical safety

The wide range of battery systems used in hybrid and full electric vehicles requires an assessment of Chemical Safety and its integration into the safety concept. The following questions arise in this context:

  • Which electro-chemical system is or will be used?
    (quantities of substances, concentrations, chemical stability, components)
  • Which specific risk potential is harboured by the system used?
    (chemical stability, reaction characteristics, release of reaction products, flammable/harmful?)
  • How does the chemical system respond to external influences?
    (temperature, moisture, short circuit, breakdown etc.)
  • How can a security concept minimize the risk?

Benefit from our services:

  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Assessment of the chemical characteristics/behaviour
  • Assessment of factors that cause short circuits such as dendrite growth, electrical migration)
  • Proof of degradation products
  • Validation of safety concepts
  • Assessment of separators

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