Mechanical safety

Mechanical Safety plays an important part in battery systems and provides the basic protection against external influences. The individual cells of the battery must be safely combined into modules and the battery system is integrated into a container that serves as the external protective shell. Packaging in the vehicle, in other words the location at which the battery system is installed, is another relevant aspect.
Benefit from our services:

  • Hazard and risk assessment
  • Characterization of auxiliary materials such as adhesives and seals in terms of their suitability
  • Evaluation of the housing structure and the materials used (plastics, steel etc.)
  • Validation of safety concepts including sensors
  • Testing (shock, acceleration)

Our services allow you to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of the Mechanical Safety of battery systems. Profit from the comprehensive range of services by the world’s leading provider of testing services with about 59,000 employees in more than 140 countries.

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