Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) – Training S1

As logical supplement to ISO 26262 (“Road Vehicles – Functional Safety”) and ISO 21448 (“SOTIF”) forms a mutually complementary unit. The already known “Functional Safety” in ISO 26262 is being extended to cover the “Functional Performance” to create a framework for solutions on the way to Automated Driving vehicle functionalities. The newly created standard ISO DIS 21448:2021 (Draft International Standard) is expected to be published as a released ISO standard in 2022/23.

To ensure that you are already familiar with the future requirements of ISO 21448, SGS-TÜV Saar is offering a training course on the SOTIF standard, in which we will introduce the standard’s requirements and illustrate how to implement these requirements with the help of an example. Since the safety life cycle of ISO 26262 forms the basis for the SOTIF process, the additional requirements of the SOTIF standard are presented based on this.

Focus of the training

  • Introduction to SOTIF, connection with Functional Safety, SOTIF management & processes

Target group

As a logical supplement to functional safety according to ISO 26262, the implementation of the requirements of ISO 21448 is within the remit of the “Safety Managers”.

The engineering activities mainly refer to the system level and are therefore essentially relevant for system developers and system testers (verification & validation).

The final evaluation of the achieved “Safety of the intended functionality” will take place by means of a release process, which can be implemented within the framework of a “Functional Safety Assessment” so that synergy effects of the two standards can be used optimally. Therefore, the course is also relevant for assessors.

Detailed agenda for the SOTIF course

  • Introduction into SOTIF (ISO DIS 21448:2021) and its connection to Functional Safety (ISO 26262:2018)
  • Overview and organisation of SOTIF activities
  • SOTIF management and processes & supporting processes
  • SOTIF in the concept phase – definition and specification of vehicle functions taking into account the intended use as well as relevant “use cases” and conditions + identification and evaluation of “hazards”
  • SOTIF in the development phase – identification and evaluation of “functional deficiencies” and “trigger events” that may lead to hazardous behaviour + development of “SOTIF measures” and methods for avoiding and/or mitigating risks
  • SOTIF in verification & validation – evaluation and specification of integration and testing strategies + evaluation of known and unknown hazardous scenarios
  • SOTIF release – evaluation and release of the SOTIF achieved in the course of a “Functional Safety Assessment” according to ISO 26262:2018


06 Apr 2022 in Dortmund, Germany – conducted in German
20 Jul 2022 in Munich, Germany – conducted in English
28 Sep 2022 in Dortmund, Germany – conducted in German
09 Nov 2022 in Munich, Germany – conducted in English


790 € (plus VAT) for S1



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