Process industry

The cradle of Functional Safety can be found in the process industry sector. End of the 90s the pioneers of Functional Safety developed the first international standard IEC 61508 due to several hazardous events in different process industry plants. Application specific standards like VDI/VDE 2180 (Germany) and IEC 61511 (international) followed to cover safety relevant applications in the process industry.

Now, after many years of implementation and interpretation of these standards, we got a completely revised version of IEC 61511. This 2nd edition, which has been released in February 2016, has implemented several improvements and seems to be closer to real life practice. Nevertheless it is a big challenge to ensure the achievement of all normative requirements.

Experts with longtime experience in the process industry sector will update you to the current state of the art in safety engineering/operation and will check your safety designs.

Here an extract of our portfolio:

  • Process updates according IEC 61511 Edt.2
  • Trainings in the use of IEC 61511 Ed. 2 (for application engineers and operators)
  • Workshops in probabilistic calculations and methods
  • Consulting for implementing necessary engineering steps according the lifecycle model of IEC 61511 Ed.2
  • Gap analysis to existing development processes
  • Design verification of safety instrumented functions (SIF) according the requirements of IEC 61511 Ed.2 (incl. Probabilistic calculations)
  • Assessment of performed design verifications resulting in a technical report
  • Assessment  of the implemented safety process steps
  • Certification of engineering processes and applications according IEC 61511 Ed.2

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