Hazardous materials in interior rooms

Toxic loads of ambient air and atmospheric environment cause health risks. Many diseases and disease symptoms like headaches, skin irritations, bronchitis or irritated eyes arise from noxious emissions out of construction material or furniture. The measurements of the SGS-TÜV Saar do help in identifying risks and remediating causes of damages.

With help of ambient air measurings as well as material inspections we find out about sources of toxic load and do record even the lowest concentrations of volatile inorganic materials (from solvents, adhesives, paint, coverings or coatings) or the toxic load caused by inorganic fibers and particles.

Our measurement methods are based on the VDI 4300 and other approved norms. We also assess contamination caused by house dust and hazardous substances such as timber preservatives, diluents and flame retardants. Construction- or structural defects on buildings and a too small exchange of air may lead to bacterial contamination and mouldy rooms. Before we recommend reconstruction measures we assess the extent of the microbial contamination with the help of microbiological spore measurements and mykotoxine- and MVOC-analyses.

Big public and private enterprises, construction biologists, building experts, environmental health officers and engineering consultants are counted among our clientele. But also the parties responsible for schools, kindergartens and hospitals, also for buildings housing people who live at particular risk, do rely on our competence.