Special activity: performance testing

for electric powered- and sports appliances

Regulatory requirements get tightened more and more. Also consumers and traders do make their decision for buying or listing products increasingly dependent on the fact that these products have been benchmarked independently and neutrally.

That’s why we from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS have further developed our offers in our laboratory in Munich. Especially on examining the usage property of household small appliances, power tools and of sports- and fitness equipment we can offer you additional services.

We’d like to convince you of our service capability. That’s why we offer you tests and assessments with regard to function and handling for very fair conditions. We can also integrate a load- as well as an endurance test for your equipment and tools into the checks or we can perform them separately. EMV inspections and compliance tests that benchmark the electrical safety in total via the analysis of the directive conformity are a further element of our expanded portfolio.

On demand we combine all these services with other services of the SGS Group: Do you need for example also analytical results with chemical parameters for example up to RoHS, PAH or LFBG beyond function-, handling- or compliance-tests? May we support you with shipment controls, samplings or other inspection- and audit services?

Which kind of exceptional inspection services you may need for the products of your company – we issue an offer up to your individual specifications.

Due to the high demand we have to set a time limit for the offer. Until July 31, 2009, we offer this service on concrete terms.
Heiko Schmidt
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We will be happy to answer your questions regarding these concrete terms.

We are looking forward to your challenges!