Chemical product safety & food grade

for hand operated power tools, small appliances as well as sports- and fitness equipment

The legal requirements to the chemical safety of your products increase permanently, especially with regard to the topic food grade. Authorities and consumers pay attention to these criteria. Also because of this we have developed new service packages for you. With help of our analyses and tests you gain a high level of safety for your products.

So our partial tests up to the LFGB as well as up to the directive (EG) Nr. 1935/2004 offer you first indications in case your product is earmarked for food contact, the surficial area though is not sufficiently known or defined. Intensive inspections do affect for example the sensory acceptability, the adherence to global migration values and the analysis up to typical organic harmful substances like Phthalate or inorganic harmful substances like heavy metals. Also the test with regard to the question if the limits for typical additives are observed or the tests up to monomers with given SML-values are included in our services.

Of course further tests for the complete conformity up to the mentioned EG-directive might be necessary. Maybe you need our assistance with topics like REACH, RoHS, EMV and safety-tests or with performance-tests. For all these questions our specialists in the laboratories in Taunusstein, München and Sulzbach do stand by. As an introduction we can offer you particularly favorable conditions from now on until 30.09.2009.

Tests and services

Just contact us personally in matters of which individual services make sense to you. We will be happy to develop a customized inspection- and consultation concept for your needs.

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