Medical doctors put on the spot

Evidence of adoption of a medical practice QM-system requested until the end of 2009

The pressure on registered doctors in Germany to adopt a quality management system (QM- system) in their medical practices until the end of 2009 increases.

Background of this is the legal directive that obliges medical doctors up to §135a SGS V to implement a QM-system until the end of 2009. So it might be expected that within the next weeks medical doctors will be strongly asked to tell which QM-system they have implemented.

This is why medical doctors are more and more put on the spot: Particularly as only the documentation in the form of a quality management manual may take several months on their own initiative. At the same time the implementation of a QM-system does not only make sense because of reasons of complying with legal directives. In the medium term certified medical practices do mainly profit from improved business connections with the health insurance companies. Because the insurance providers do more and more require a QM-system in the medical practices before they allow registered doctors for example to partake in special additional contracts.

Medical doctors who want to come up to the legal directive until the end of 2009 may get help at short notice with the QM-system „TQmed Standard“ of the TQ Service GmbH (called: „TQ Service“ in the following). Thus with assistance of TQ Service a complete QM-system can be implemented as well as a relevant manual can be created within 2,5 days.

Besides a better face to face position with the health insurance companies as well as the process- and organization optimization the introduction of an efficient QM-system additionally gives a real financial profit to the medical practice. Here not only cost reduction effects are in focus but in the first place the monetary success that results from the implementation of the required action mentioned in the QM. Thus medical practices that have implemented the “TQmed Standard” have already recorded an increase in profit of up to 50% in the following quarter.

With the following certification up to „TQmed Standard“ by the SGS-TÜV GmbH – Ein Unternehmen der SGS-Gruppe und des TÜV Saarland e.V. the quality of the implemented QM-system can beyond that be certified reliably and independently. Medical doctors are double winners here: Because with help of the certification not only the collaboration with the health insurance companies is strengthened sustainably but also the confidence of the patients who learn about the quality standard of the medical practice by noticing the seal „SGS-TÜV-Saar-geprüfte Praxis“.

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