PAH in toys

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon („PAH“) in toys

In the statement 046/2009 the Bundesamt für Risikobewertung („BfR“) discusses the contents of PAH in utensils and toys. In doing so the BfR combines the increasing number of children’s cancer with the increase of PAH in toys. PAH are attributed to the so called CMR-substances. CMR-substances are considered to be cancer-producing, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction. Further on the BfR constitutes in the actual statement that the in the new EU-toy directive defined limited values for CMR-substances (and thus also for PAH) neither protects the physical health of children nor do they come up to the order of exposure minimization in respect of CMR-substances. The BfR argues furthermore that for the PAH-amount in toys the technically smallest possible concentration should be aspired. An evaluation of analytical results of approximately 100 toys that has been operated by the BfA shows that this is technically feasible. In a first step towards endangerment compensation the BfR suggests to refer to the benchmarks for PAH when awarding the GS mark.
BfR further on recommends to run practical tests on PAH in toy materials analogues to materials in food contact in the future. The amount of PAH that may pass into relevant detection liquids is named as migrating part and simulates the real saliva- or skin contact. In materials with food contact PAH must not be detectable in this manner.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH helps you to control the risk. We have contributed to the development of the PAH-test inspection method that has to be carried out for the award of the GS mark and we have long term experience in the analysis of materials with food contact. Further on our experts at the SGS-TÜV GmbH - Ein Unternehmen der SGS-Gruppe und des TÜV Saarland e. V. – being members of an accredited certification institution - offerproduct testings according to the Geprüfte Sicherheit (“GS”)-standard and thus the award of the GS mark.

Beyond that we command a global network of experts and laboratories of the SGS-group that put you in the position to check your products at any time and in any place all over the world.

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