ASKEY Computer Co., Ltd. got SGS ISO26262 ASIL-D process certification

With the trend and development of the Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems and smart transportation systems, to attract major international manufacturers to join the automotive electronics industry, it is one of the main development directions of ASKEY Computer in the future.

ASKEY Computer is a subsidiary of ASUS Group and majors in network communication and electronic product development. In recent years, it has diversified into 5G, WiFi, IoT, smart city and other fields. In automotive electronic industry, it awarded automotive quality system certification (IATF16949) and software maturity level 5 certification (CMMI Maturity Level 5).

It also awarded the highest level of ISO 26262 ASIL-D process certification from SGS Group in May 2020. The standard defines 4 automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL), of which ASIL-D is the most stringent integrity requirement. This certification not only ensures the research and development of self-driving equipment that can reach the highest level of automotive integrity (ASIL-D); it also highlights the company's commitment to developing solutions that meet the most stringent safety standards.

ASKEY Computer has products such as on-board diagnostics (OBD), 4G LTE on-board transmission control (TCU), iDVR, Keyless, etc. in the field of automotive electrical products, and continues to cooperate with European/American/Japanese/Taiwan/Mainland manufacturers or Tier1 suppliers, and committed to develop 5G, Internet of Vehicles V2X, OBU/RSU, AI and ITS total solutions. According to ISO 26262, upgrade the functional safety procedures System, hardware and software development and design aspects and production deployment aspects are produced at various stages. Safety analysis methods and verification and confirmation measures are adopted to ensure that the product design meets the overall functional safety goals and requirements.

ISO 26262 was acclaimed as the most advanced automotive safety standard in contemporary time internationally, it has become a norm followed by global automakers and the automotive industry supply chains. To identify whether the functional safety of automotive electronic products meets the required automotive safety integrity level (Automotive Safety Integrity Level, ASIL), ASIL levels from A to D, "ASIL-D is the highest level", the higher level, and the systems functional safety requirements will be more rigorous.

Kuo Yao Wen, Vice President of SGS Group Taiwan, said: "Functional safety is valued by major international companies and strictly requires the implementation of supply chain, so products and management processes need to be more secure in system applications. The certification of ISO 26262 is even more important, it is one of the indispensable activities in automotive supply chain. SGS Taiwan is committed to assisting customers in industrial upgrading, providing technical seminars, reliability verification, safety certification and other services, progressing and growing together with the supply chain to increasing value, and expanding international automotive electronics market".