SGS-TÜV Saar granted Horizon Robotics ISO 26262 process certification

Horizon Robotics announced on Monday that it has received ISO 26262:2018 process certification from SGS-TÜV Saar GmbH of SGS Group, one of the world’s leading third-party testing, inspection, and certification companies. ISO 26262:2018 is an international standard for the functional safety of electrical and electronic systems in commercial production automobiles.

This certification demonstrates that Horizon has established a complete product development process system that meets the highest level of automotive functional safety ASIL D in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 26262:2018 standard.

“Safety is the most important feature of a self-driving car,” said Kai Yu, founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics. “Horizon’s investment into functional safety certification is one of the most important ones we’ve ever made, and it provides a critical ingredient for automakers to bring self-driving cars to market.”

Certification services were conducted by SGS-TÜV Saar, leaders in the field of testing, verification and certification of ISO standards. “SGS is an independent testing organization that operated according to the most stringent inspection standards in the market,” said Steven Du, MD of SGS China.

Completing this certification is just the start of Horizon’s journey to deliver safer and better life. By working together with the entire industry on international standards, Horizon will continue to raise the bar for AI compute, delivering a robust AI computing system for the entire industry and ensuring safety at every step.