Reliability Analytics

If you are designing, planning, or marketing a system or network or site comprising several independent sub - systems, modules or devices

  • which must satisfy your customers’ needs fully and well into the future
  • which is safety - critical and thus must fulfill product - specific safety standards
  • which has to meet certain availability requirements a certain maximum level of downtime
  • which must ensure low maintenance costs

then you have to think about an availability calculation for your total system – preferably at an early stage of your planning process.

SGS - TÜV Saar provides a wide range of calculation methods and services.We provide the full range of reliability analysis services that the market requires. All calculations encompass the many years of extensive experience of our mathematicians and engineers. This experience has also been incorporated into our own MTBF calculation software application called EXAR®. Our experts are further involved in reliability – related standardisation work (e.g. IEC 61709 and SN 29500).

Our Services

  • Failure rate and MTBF calculations for electronic and electromechanical devices and modules are based on IEC 61709, SN 29500, MIL -HDBK - 217F, IEC TR 62380
  • Parts count and part stress MTBF calculations are available
  • Spare parts calculation
  • Meaningful and detailed reports of calculation results
  • Consultation and support in the area of reliability studies
  • Meaningful and detailed reports of calculation results
  • Consultation and support in the area of system availability studies
  • We offer EXAR® licenses for the selfcontained performance of analyses.

Our methods

  • Calculation of expected system availability with approved and established methods
  • RBD (reliability block diagrams)
  • FTA (Failure Tree Analysis)
  • Markov Method
  • PFH / PFD calculation (IEC 61508 - 2, IEC 62061)
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
  • RAM analysis and reports for systems

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