Automotive Security for Safety (S4S) – ISO SAE 21434

Automotive Security for Safety (S4S) – Testing and Certification according to ISO SAE 21434

In view of the continually increasing complexity and distribution of the structures in automobiles, plus additional functionalities in the field of connected and automated driving, the threat potential is rising significantly.

In addition to our long-standing activities in the fields of functional safety we will naturally support you in the field of cybersecurity as well, in line with our approach of ‘Safety & security from a single professional source’.

As the world’s first and so far only body to do so we have successfully passed the DAkkS audit for accreditation in the field of Automotive Cybersecurity.

Due to our unique, newly developed testing and certification program in combination with our training and personal qualification program we are in a position to serve you in accordance with the only standard available on the international market (ISO SAE 21434).

We are also at the forefront, nationally and internationally, in the effort of creating new future ISO standard (based on ISO SAE 21434 and IEC 62443).

Our services:

  • Gap analysis relating to products according to ISO SAE 21434
  • Inspection (Audit) and Assessments relating to products according to ISO SAE 21434
  • Certification of products & processes according to ISO SAE 21434

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