CS6 – Attack Tree Driven Security Risk Assessment focused on the Automotive Industry

The primary objective of the CS6 - Attack Tree Driven Security Risk Assessment (ATDSRA) course is to educate students on a unique approach to Attack Tree Modeling developed for modeling and analysis of security-related risks in systems and devices.

Students will be provided the tools and knowledge necessary to perform comprehensive cybersecurity vulnerability assessment using ATDSRA and will be capable of producing comprehensive graphical Attack Tree Models of systems at the outset of this training. This class is tailored to focus on the automotive industry. The knowledge and techniques provided to the students are applicable to a wide array of various industries, systems and devices.


  • Mastery of hands-on approach to perform comprehensive automotive cyber risk assessments
  • Provides an approach that can be used to perform cyber risk assessments of any system
  • Provides a methodology that can be integrated directly with a business’ current risk assessment processes
  • Provides a basis for businesses to make justified investments in security risk prevention and mitigation


1 day / 2 days


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