CS7 – Hardware Security Deep Dive focused on the Automotive Industry

The primary objective of the Hardware Security Deep Dive (HSDD) course is to educate students on methods of secure hardware design, physical layer vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering and exploitation.

Students will be provided the tools and knowledge necessary to perform physical layer security vulnerability analysis of an embedded system at the outset of this training. Specific topics covered by this course include the following:

  • Hardware security requirements design
  • Secure hardware design
  • Hardware security vulnerability analysis
  • Hardware reverse engineering
  • Hardware exploitation

This class will be focused on hardware security for automotive systems. The knowledge and techniques.


  • Hands-on experience performing automotive hardware exploitation
  • Provides the knowledge, theory, and ability to perform automotive hardware exploitation
  • Provides the knowledge necessary to define and identify meaningful cybersecurity requirements for hardware systems, and methods of secure hardware design
  • Provides knowledge and hands-on practical experience performing hardware reverse engineering and exploitation
  • Provides a basis for students to independently advance their hardware exploitation capabilities following the class
  • Fundamental knowledge of hardware exploitation concepts
  • Knowledge of low-cost tools and resources necessary to perform advanced exploitation


1 day / 2 days


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