A CACSP qualification acquired for the first time is valid for 3 years. In order to obtain an extension of the qualification for another 3 years, the following steps are necessary:

  • You apply for the extension with the application form and send us proof of your activities in the field of cyber security in connection with the application of ISO/SAE 21434, including projects, as well as further training measures, attending conferences and writing technical articles. It should be clear from this letter that you have been working in the field of cyber security for the last 3 years and have continuously trained further.
  • You can take the CACSP update exam at the earliest six months before your CACSP certificate expires or six months after your CACSP certificate expires.
  • After reviewing your application, which is also your order for us, you will receive an access code to participate in an online multiple choice test. You have 60 minutes time for the test and can repeat it once within 24 hours if you fail the first time.
  • After successfully passing the test, you will receive a new CACSP certificate by mail, which is valid for 3 years.
    The certificate will be renewed for three years from the original validity date.