CS3 – Security for Safety (S4S) for product development industrial automation and control systems – IEC 62443 with IEC 61508 / ISO 13849

Protect your investment against risks arising from IoT and Industry 4.0. Decide what terms, such as security level and vulnerability, mean for your daily work.

After these two days you will know a way how you can develop products safely (Security + Safety) and which documentation has to be prepared.


  • Introduction to Security for Safety (S4S)
  • Overview of the IEC 62443 series of standards
  • Brief overview of the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS)
  • Risk assessment with determination of security levels (IEC 62443-3-2)
  • Implementation of countermeasures to secure the product according to a specified security level (IEC 62443-4-2)
  • Explanation of the security development process for product development (IEC 62443-4-1)
  • Mapping of IEC 62443 with safety standards (IEC 61508 / ISO 13849) with an explanation of which documents need to be newly created or expanded
  • Explanation of how a combined S4S TÜV assessment is carried out in practice
  • Overview of other security standards and comparison with IEC 62443
  • Practical tips for implementing S4S (links, best practice)


2 day (in German or in English)

Target group

Managers from industry 

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