Product classes

We developed our concept for almost all kinds of consumer products: utensils with and without food contact, furniture, sanitary facilities, tools, gardening tools, sports- and leisure time equipment, toys, electrical household- and small appliances, textiles and leather goods.

The experts of the SGS-TÜV Saar do already go with you though the development phase. In doing so you exclude risks already before start of production and decrease complaints relating to your products. At the end of the test process there is the certification of the SGS-TÜV Saar. In case your product successfully passed all tests, we do confirm this with our mark of conformity: "SGS-TÜV Saar Tested Product".

Product group Product samples
Utilities with and without food contact Storage boxes, microwave dishes, cutlery, heat-resistant plastic wraps used to gently cook food in the oven, jewelry, decoration articles, products from: paper, cardboard, rubber, silicone- & ceramic products, glass, metal
Electrical small- & household-appliances Coffee machine, toaster, hair dryer, iron, microwave oven, electric toothbrush, immersion blender, waffle iron
Gardening tools & tools Gardening tools & tools
Furniture Office-, living room-, occasional-, & garden furniture
Lamps & illuminants Ceiling-, wall, floor-, table lamp
Sports- & leisure time equipment Installed leisure time equipment, roller sports equipment
Toys Electronic toys, stuffed animals, joke articles, baby toys, wooden toys, children’s wheeler, games, children’s cosmetics
Textiles & leather goods Garment- and home textiles, technical textiles, textile half finished products, leather- & small leather goods