Test procedure

The quality management concept of the SGS-TÜV Saar – The way to the tested product

In the first step we take a look at the test reports and certificates that you already have at hand. On the basis of this our experts do define the scope of testing. As a matter of course the less you have inspected and documented so far the bigger this scope looks like. Afterwards the analysis of the prototypes start right before serial production is initiated.

Of course our testing requests are geared to the legal prescriptions. Beyond that we include empirical values and possible risks as further testing parameters. These are permanently advanced by our experts who verify and actualize them on a regular basis. This is how you are going to assure that your product comes up to more than the legal minimum requirements.

If all results are correct you start with the serial production. Of course we are also going to be at your side in the production process. One of our inspectors retains samples at an aligned particular time – in the majority of cases after the first fifth part of production – and these samples do then end up in our laboratory. There we test them for equality of structure and make further tests in case these are necessary. Provided that single parts stand out in the preliminary test further tests are going to follow as a matter of principle.

In case all tests turn out to be faultless you are going to achieve the certificate „SGS-TÜV Saar Tested Product“ as well as the concession to use our mark for a maximum period of three years. Requirements for this are annual samplings and assessments of the equality of structure.

We will be happy to introduce the quality management concept of the SGS-TÜV Saar in a one-on-one interview to you.