Philosophy of our quality mark

Scarely anybody gets along without any problems in the jungle of directives, obligations and legal regulations. But it is about essential questions with regard to your responsibility and your risks when you make or market products:

  • Which kind of (inter)national legal regulations have to be considered?
  • Which are the inspections and certificates are you responsible for?
  • How far does your responsibility with the inspection of your suppliers go? What is it that you have to ensure?
  • What are your possibilities to survey and optimize your supply chain in global purchasing and trade?

The increasing price-, cost- and competitive pressure intensifies this situation. Non-governmental organizations also pitch themselves as voice of the consumers, survey the markets and call for a more intense control of quality and safety of consumer products – and they get attention.

In response to many questions and as a solution for many challenges the SGS-TÜV Saar has developed a concept with which we support you to assure a comprehensive and improved quality of your products and –components along the supply chain.

Our testings do exceed the required legal demands, they offer you the possibility to let specific product – and usage properties be analyzed and certified. Independently and neutrally.

When you entrust your quality management to concept of the SGS-TÜV Saar that is specified to you and your products you are going to point the way for trade and consumers:

  • You provide evidence of the high safety and quality of your products – You put them to additional tests on a voluntary basis.
  • You achieve a high degree in safety for your supply chain and improve the product quality.
  • You make supply relationships easier and minimize the risk with respect to the trade.
  • You offer consumers safe and correct products.
  • With help of the quality mark of the SGS-TÜV Saar you give valuable help to the consumer when buying decisions have to be made and with the product declaration you communicate the benefit and the quality of your products.
  • You may involve aspects like health, safety and eco friendliness in the inspection and use them as unique selling point and sales argument.