The check-up of products and services has characterized the quality discussions of previous years. Today management, organization and manufacturing processes are firmly in focus. Had it been essential beforehand to become aware of mistakes and to clear those, modern companies do focus on avoiding possible sources of error already in advance.

Efficient forms of organization and processes are the most important basis for first class quality in any branch and at any size of enterprise. Solid management systems do strongly improve business processes all-around the company. Consistent standards allow the international comparison of manufacturing processes and services. But most of all you continuously enhance the quality in the company with this tool.

From the very beginning we have taken care of the protection of man, environment and goods against damages that may result from technical facilities or equipment. We also contribute these experiences when we certify your management systems.

When you introduce and check management systems and let them being certified by us, people have to be in focus. This applies to people within the company – only motivated employees achieve peak performances. And it applies to the area outside the company – only satisfied customers decide repeatedly for your products and services.

Commit the certification of your management systems to us as we are the leading supplier for certifications as well as inspection tags. Assign us, the SGS-TÜV Saar, for quality management up to ISO 9001, environmental management up to ISO 14001, the occupational safety up to OHSAS 18001, but also for your second party audit and the training of your employees.


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