AFSP (Automotive Functional Safety Professional)

The first level of personal qualification is the Automotive Functional Safety Professional (AFSP). THis qualification is based on the content of training modules K2, K3, K4, K5 and K6 with a final exam.

AFSP Qualification Steps (1st Qualification Level)

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The first expert status is called "AFSP" (Automotive Functional Safety Professional): This status will be awarded to you after you have successfully passed the 2-hours exam. Attendance of the preparatory Automotive - Training Modules K2 - K6 or, alternatively, proof of completion of equal training, is a prerequisite for admission to the exam.


Confirmation of the knowledge about Functional Safety and ISO 26262 by participation in a 2-hours online exam. Passing the exam with certificate handover allows to bear the title „AFSP“ (Automotive Functional Safety Professional).

Examination Content and Validity

  • Checked the contents of the training modules K2 - K6 under a 2-hour multiple choice test
  • Validity of the qualification: 3 years
  • After 3 years, a proof of competence is aimed at renewing the certificate for another 3 years required. See also AFSP Update.



Please request.

Dates for AFSP-Exam (in the afternoon of the 5th training day)

Written 2h-hour exam

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Inhouse upon request

Costs AFSP training week and exam (K2 / K3 / K4 / K5 / K6 / exam) – 5 days - ALL INCLUSIVE:

Price without discounts: 4185 €

Costs Exam alone (without training):

Price without discounts: 700 €


Special discounts:
Early bird discount: 10 % applicable when booking 6 weeks before training event
Discount: 10 % for more than 3 enrolments from same organization